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Uromastyx thomasi

Scientific name:  Uromastyx thomasi
Distribution:  Oman and Masirah island
Habitat:  Tropical semi-deresrt and desert climate.  Inhabits open areas with substrate in which they can burrow. 
Brief description:  SVL of 20cm and a total maximum length of 26cm.  A smaller species within the Genus.  Two color forms exist, a green phase and a blue phase.  Males are more colorful than females and when fired up, both color forms have an orange/red dorsal stripe.  Females are less patterned and color.  The most distinct feature of  this species, is the tail, which is short, flat, and round.  It is used as a defense to plug the entrance of their burrows when in flight.  Husbandry is the same as basic Uromastyx care.  A very good diet of mixed greens, flowers, seeds, and vegetables is a must.  I use for supplements, Mineral indoor and  Nekton products.  Pairs are kept together and the larger the cage, the better along with good UVB lighting.  Will be available in limited numbers, inquire.
Probable the best Uromastyx I have worked with.  Fun to watch and very active in the morning hours.  A rare Gem for the lizard keeper!



Tympanocryptis tetraporophora

Scientific name:  Tympanocryptis tetraporophora

Distribution:  Australia.  SW Queensland to NSW to SA to NT.  

Habitat:  Uses dry environments, gibber plains, stands of Mallee and shrublands.  Will mimic stones in their habitat.

Brief description:  SVL of 74mm with a total length of 150mm.  Reddish body color with light grey, black, and white lateral lines on the dorsal.  Can be kept in small groups in a desert vivarium.  Females will lay year round have 6-8 eggs per clutch.  Not readily available.  They consume small insects and need a wide variety for long term captivity.
A very interesting lizard to watch.